About Nova Lee Walsh

Nova Lee Walsh is a writer and blogger. She’s also a mom (one small boy, one neurotic dog), a former chef, and a history nerd. She loves old movies, fast-talkers, road trips, misfits, and reckless food experiments.

She writes romance and women’s fiction for readers who love travel, banter, friendship, sticky situations, and a good laugh.

Nova also writes nonfiction about the subjects that she’s most passionate about and interested in–parenting, food and cooking, gardening, travel, and living an ethical and compassionate life.

In her youth Nova led a wild and adventurous life spanning three continents, a dozen careers, several poor romantic choices, and a whole lot of red wine. These days most of her adventures happen on the page and in her head and she now spends her time with her very patient husband, the cutest preschool dictator known to man, and crazy border collie, Pepper Potts in Austin, Texas.

Connect with Nova:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/novalee/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/novaleewalsh/


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